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Team Coulee – Carman Pozzobon

Everyone knows Carman Pozzobon and everyone knows Ripp!  This year they have been on fire!  This is Carman’s second year on the Coulee team and I don’t think we need to explain why.  Ripp puts on a lot of miles and tries so hard that she deserves the best in care.  She uses all of the equipment that Coulee has to offer and loves every bit of it.  Ripp is not just an all star, she is one of the nicest horses to work with and very laid back.  We are proud to have this duo on our team, read on for what Carman has to say!

What horse/horses are you riding this year? Can you tell us a little more about them? 

  • I am riding Ripp, an 8 year old Buckskin mare. She is 2017 Canadian Champion and has the most heart.  I am also riding Lulu, a 5 year old liver chestnut mare, 2018 Futurity Super Stakes horse and my backup to Ripp. Another one of my horses is Timber, a 5 year old dun gelding, 2018 Futurity Super Stakes horse.

Do you have any superstitions? What is your pre-run game plan?

  • Yes, a lot of them! Lucky Numbers, no hats on the bed, broken mirrors, black cats and lucky socks are a few!
  • My pre-run game plan is to meditate, in with the positive and out with the negative. Mind clearing. I use a Bemer blanket, nebulize with silver, massage with neutostim or use revitavet light (depending what’s needing worked on). I like to long trot to make sure they are stretching out and working the lungs consistently but not hard. I always keep a calm horse so they can stay focused while they head into the arena. I’ll warm up then get off so their blood pressure is low on the heated days so they can think clearly when we enter the arena..

What services do you use at Coulee Equine? Or which are your favourite?

  • I use the infrared lights to help keep supple muscles for good flexibility and stride. Promote circulation. Love the salt water take any heat out of the legs and the treadmill to gain strength. Also love the Proscope.

What is your favourite rodeo?

  • So far Ponoka is my favourite Canadian Rodeo. Love the challenge they marked it with the long score and the three progressive rounds. The All American and Fort Worth would be a toss up for American rodeos. I love the traditional old school western atmosphere at Fort Worth but the All American has really stepped it up to make rodeo stand out and pays very well to help the athletes make live changing earnings.

Who do you travel with and why?

  • I travel with my boyfriend and some best friends. It’s very important to put yourself in a positive situation while traveling to keep a healthy mind and to be able to be positive while being away from home and to achieve your goals. Plus you only live once so better enjoy it while it lasts.

What are three things you can’t live without?

  • My horses, family, and avocados/water!
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