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Team Coulee – Devin Wigemyr

What horse/horses are you riding this year? Can you tell us a little more about them? 

  • I am riding an 11 year old palomino gelding called Ardox. He is a past CCA horse of the year and has help me qualify for the CFR the past two years.

Do you have any superstitions? What is your pre-run game plan?

  • I’m not overly superstitious I wouldn’t say. But I do seem to stick to my same pre-rodeo ritual. I like to saddle my horse early and ease around before the rodeo getting my ducks in a row. My horse can be a bit of a renegade at times so a big part of my pre-run plan is warming him up good and keeping him chilled out.

What services do you use at Coulee Equine? Or which are your favourite?

  • I use everything Coulee has to offer, obviously different services for different reasons. I use the water treadmill typically in the spring and fall for a few weeks to get my horse in shape and conditioned. I have to say my favourite is the salt spa, the reasoning behind that is I have seen first hand what it can do. My horse had a bone chip removed and the salt spa had him healed up faster than I could have ever imagined. The owners and employees at Coulee Equine are as great as the equipment. They are patient and horse smart and look after your horses like they were their own.

What is your favourite rodeo?

  • My favourite rodeo is K days, it was professionally run and had a bunch of money added. They had equal money for the team ropers at that rodeo as well, and I know I speak for all of us when I say that its greatly appreciated.

Who do you travel with and why?

  • I travel everywhere with my rodeo partner Roland McFadden. We get along good, both of us are easy going and have the same goals and interests. I like to travel with anyone that keeps high moral and you can have fun with in any situation. Guys like Kasper Roy, Riley Roy and Chase Simpson to come to mind, just to name a few.

What are three things you can’t live without?

  • The first thing I know I will own until the day I die is a horse, even if I’m too crippled to ride it. I can’t imagine a day where I look out into the pasture and don’t see a horse. I also really like my music, it makes everything so much sweeter when you’re flying high, and it can also bring you out of a slump! The last thing I love to do is go on a vacation of some sort. Getting away from the rodeo scene for a few days and go hang out with my family and extended family. My parents took me and my brother on vacations when we were young and it kind of became an addiction. Now I make a point every year of going and doing something that doesn’t involve a rope.
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