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Team Coulee – Roland McFadden

To say Roland McFadden rides nice horses is an understatement!  Working with his horses is so much fun and we love to see them compete!  Our relationship with Roland started when he brought Charlie to us for some TLC, from there we have worked with multiple of his horses and even watched him win a Canadian title.  Team roping is evolving fast and there are so many opportunities that having good horses is a must.  Read what Roland has to say about life on the rodeo road!

What horse/horses are you riding this year? Can you tell us a little more about them? 

  • I will be riding two horses this year my 12-year-old Wrangler and my old buddy Charlie who is 20. I plan on riding Wrangler the most and use Charlie sparingly and keeping him ready to go at all times. I bought Wrangler about a year and a half ago he’s an awesome horse, tries his hardest every time and gives me a chance to win, he won head horse of the year last year in the CPRA so that was a great honor. Charlie is my little buddy, he’s the man, I won a Canadian championship on him in 2015 and he has been a huge part of my success. My dad bought him for me back in 2009 from a good friend of ours Paul Fuller and he will forever be a big part of our family. In a lot of ways, they’re much the same both smaller head horses but they’ve got lots of heart.

Do you have any superstitions? What is your pre-run game plan?

  • I try to steer clear of any crazy superstitions. I have a routine I like to try and follow just to keep myself focused and relaxed before my run.

    I like to get saddled and be ready when I get to a rodeo, go check the draw, see my steer and find out any background on him. After that I like to get on and ride around probably earlier than most guys, I like to try and time things out that I’m ready right before the event before me is done. I usually watch the start if I can and then right before I’m up I try to be calm and focus on my job. I always tell myself to score and ride, you can’t win anything if you don’t get out of the barrier so that’s pretty important to me. I try to win through my horses and give Devin (Wigemyr) lots of chances, he makes up a lot of time because of the way he ropes and the more chances you give good heelers like him the faster they throw.

What services do you use at Coulee Equine? Or which are your favourite?

  • I love everything at Coulee Equine, what they do for my horses is above and beyond. Whether its soaking Charlie in the salt spa to help his old joints and knees, to swimming Wrangler and putting him in the exerciser they do the best for them to keep them at a high level. Both of them really like the pro scope as well. It’s hard for me to pick a favourite since I think everything they offer is unbelievable. My favourite part is bringing them to Katie and her breaking down what would be best for each horse, she knows what each horse needs and custom fits a program that benefits them. Between her and Dan they’re the best and are a huge part of my success.

What is your favourite rodeo?

  • My favourite regular season rodeo would have to be Armstrong but it’s hard to narrow it down to one. I love the atmosphere there and its always been good to me. Big rodeos always get a guy going a little extra, rodeos like Armstrong, Strathmore and K Days are my favourites.

Who do you travel with and why?

  • Usually I just travel with Devin Wigemyr, we rope together, and we are pretty well on the same page about everything. I’m almost ten years older than him but we have a lot in common and have the same outlook which makes things fun. I like to travel with guys that are upbeat and always positive, rodeo is tough, and you need to steer clear of negativity.

What are three things you can’t live without?

  • Music, Steak and showers.
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