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Team Coulee – Sydney Daines

Flame has been a member of Team Coulee for 4 years! It is an honour to work with people who care so much for their athletes and always want to do right by them. Watching these two run is exhilarating and so much fun. Flame is like my second horse child because I get to work with him all year and I care about him as much as my own. I asked a few fun questions to help you get an inside look on their team.


What horse/horses are you riding this year? Can you tell us a little more about them? 

  • I am riding three horses this summer, shared between my mom and I. Flame is my number one man and will be running at most of the pro rodeos. He is 14 this year and has the most experience. Houdini is my 6 year old gelding, he will be my back-up horse at the pro rodeos and will be competing in the derbies. Jhett is our 5 year old and is a full brother to flame. My mom and I will compete on him in the futurities?

Do you have any superstitions? What is your pre-run game plan?

  • I always have a penny in my left cowboy boot for good luck. For my pre-game I always try to look at my pattern and the ground before the rodeo. I also watch past videos to see how I need to ride in certain arenas.

What services do you use at Coulee Equine?

  • I use ALL the services at Coulee Equine and I LOVE all of them. The one I most commonly use is the salt spa because it helps decrease soreness in my horses when I am hauling down the road. I can tell my horses love it because they are relaxed and love to be in there!

What is your favourite rodeo?

  • Innisfail rodeo is one of my favourite rodeos because it is my hometown rodeo where I can see my family and friends.

Who do you travel with and why?

  • I usually travel with my mom because is my number one fan and she also works great with my soccer schedule.

What are three things you can’t live without?

  • Starbucks, dry shampoo and sweatpants.
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