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Coulee Equine is Western Canada’s premier facility for equine conditioning, rehabilitation and wellness.  Our focus is providing custom programs to promote the longevity of your equine athlete, no matter the discipline.

We take pride in designing a unique and specific program to benefit each horse individually, every time they come to visit us. Whether it’s for relaxation and rehabilitation of those on the mend, or to strengthen and condition for exceptional performance, we cater to you and your horse.

Getting its name from the beautiful coulee that it overlooks, we have been thriving in picturesque central Alberta since 2013.  Experience really is one of our greatest assets.  Being the only facility open for the last 4 years, we have been able to design programs that work best for your horse and discipline.  With research projects with the University of Calgary, and conditioning on the water treadmill, they have extensive knowledge in how to accomplish your unique goals.  Each horse receives a tailored program specific to their needs, no cookie cutter programs here.  Whether it is your NFR horse, prized jumper or your pet, they all receive the same high level standard of care.


There is more to Coulee than just the conditioning aspect.  When you use the water treadmill you are increasing the longevity of your equine athlete.  The horses come out stronger and more balanced as they have to use all parts of their bodies equally.  At the same time, we are not a facility that is just for spring time, we pride ourselves on helping horses feel great all year round.  Even if you have a couple days off in between shows there is something we can do to help your horse feel good and fresh.


In addition, Coulee works very closely with veterinarians to build the ideal rehabilitation program so your horse can come back to competition faster and stronger than ever before.  We are happy to work with any vet of your own choosing and also have a veterinarian onsite 2-3 days each week.


For the past 9 years, Katie has been studying equine sports therapy. She is a certified equine sports therapist with training in equine osteopathy, equine kinesiology taping, and the equine Proscope, just to name a few. Her technical training in massage and osteopathy gives her an edge to help your horse achieve the best possible flexibility and mobility that is needed for it to perform to the best of their ability.  Combine this with the utmost in conditioning and rehab, there simply is no more capable hands then Katie’s

With her expertise and passion for the equine performance industry, it was her dream to create Coulee Equine and she continues to grow and advance it every year.

Katie loves what she does and works very hard at it, day in and day out, to make sure everything is taken care of.




We enjoy working with you to accomplish your goals while keeping in mind your budgetary requirements.  Contact us today or fill out our custom program questionnaire to get started!

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