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This is a checklist for our clients to review before your appointment.  Please call if you have any further questions.

  1. Please bring all grain and/or supplements your horse is on.
    • Due to varying lengths of stays we do not want to change your horse’s feeding program.
    • We do supply good quality hay.
  2. Please bring your horse’s blankets that are appropriate for the weather and what your horse is accustomed to.
  3. Please ensure your horse does not have corks of any kind in or on their shoes.
    • We will have to have a farrier remove corks or the entire shoe before we are able to work them, at the expense of the owner.
    • For longer stays we do prefer them barefoot, but understand that sometimes correctional shoes are needed.
  4. Please be punctual.
    • We schedule appointments to guarantee our clients one-on-one time, and to give each horse the care that they deserve.  Please be respectful of this.
  5. Late and/or missed appointments will have additional fees applied.
    • We work very hard to have nights and Saturdays available for appointments.
    • We understand that life happens and are more than willing to work with your schedule for evening and weekend appointments, however additional fees will be applied.

Thank you for booking your horse with us!

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