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Our treadmill is a unique design that allows us to use different water heights to work different muscle groups each day, enabling your horse to get a different workouts.  The differing water heights is also a great way to rehab a horse back to work after an injury. There really are too many benefits to name here.


High Salt concentration simulates the effect of sea water which will draw fluids, reducing the swelling and promotes healing.  The Aeration in the water increases the oxygen in the water, providing a massage effect.  This beneficial relaxation reduces stress and in return the body and mind are healing together.


We were very excited to introduce and indoor exerciser to our clients.  This gives us even more ways to customize a program for your horse and help get them feeling their absolute best!  The walker has many benefits including development of the topline, increasing alertness and hand walking after surgery or injury.


Microcurrent therapy uses extremely small pulsating currents of electricity administered through various types of small therapeutic probes. The currents offer a corrective signal that normalizes abnormalities with no discomfort or side effects.


The Infrared Solarium’s heat energy penetrates the skin into the muscle and stimulates blood circulation which improves muscle elasticity. This is known to relax muscles, improve stamina, increase resilience, relieve minor aches and pains and stimulates cell production and so much more.


Equi-Tape helps with conditions that affect muscles, ligaments, joints, tendons and tissue that exhibit any of the following; swelling, inflammation, soreness to touch, stiffness, or lack of complete or expected motion.

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