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Our treadmill is a unique design that allows us to use different water heights to work different muscle groups each day, enabling your horse to get a different workouts. Our treadmill can be filled all the way to the belly. The differing water heights is also a great way to rehab a horse back to work after an injury.


When conditioning in the treadmill, the horses work in a straight line, combined with the differing water heights, this allows for a very dynamic program to be customized for each horse. Great for conditioning older horses for a variety of reasons including the reduced concussion on the joints and not having a saddle or rider to affect the horse.  Horses need to work all four quarters of their body equally to prevent compensation and get them strong everywhere.  At Coulee, we can turn them around and back them up on the treadmill to help strengthen the hind end.  This has done incredible things for strengthening their core.

We have done studies with the university of Calgary on conditioning using the water treadmill, this has helped us develop our programs so we can do the very best job possible.


When a horse has suffered a minor or major injury, their road to recovery is always of great importance.  With the water treadmill, we have a great way to bring a horse back into work after an injury by setting the water level height to strengthen a specific spot and adjusting over time as we see results.   With horses in rehab, we also like the water treadmill as it increases their range of motion noticeably.  Because of the treadmill’s gentle and customization, we can keep horses working while they are going through treatment.


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